Master Serapis Bay

Master Serapis Bay is a Cohan of the third ray of light.  Overlighted by Archangel Chamuel.  The third ray brings clarity and focus, peace of mind, is active intelligence.You need to master your mind, understand and heal your energy, release fear and tension for freedom and peace in you.  Can use affirmations, ecspecially valuable if negative emotions.  “Alignment with the source.”

In meditation focus on your breathing and feel the angelic light flow through you.  Sense greater peace and stillness in your being.  Embrace your mind in peace and stillness.

Release thought, open your heart chakra, extend your energy to the earth.

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The Temple of Creativity

“There is so much joy in creating, we are all co-creators with God, we were given the ability to create; write, paint, make installations and movies, compose music and theater pieces just to name a few.”

“We find ourselves in what we create and we expand our energy and fill our dreams.”


“We should be looking for new forms to express our higher dimensions.”


Archangel Metatron channelled by Bjorg