Master Lord St. Germain

The Temple of Ascension

Lord Master St. Germain is the MahaCohan who integrates all the rays and Portia his twin flame is the Cohan of the violet ray, is manifestation of love and freedom, justice and transformation.  He works in close relationship with Archangel Zadkiel and he is leading the ascension now for the humanity on a master level.

He has been at earth famous characters, once called “Wonderman of Europe”.  He is the bearer of the ascension ray from the central sun now. The violet flame transforms energy, it heals us from negative energy and is soothing and calming.

“Everything in your society is falling apart and new arising. Not just the monetary system”

Lord Master St. Germain


What is ascension anyway?

“Ascension is embodiment. It is presence. Ultimately, it is the ability to hold the higher frequency of our spirit-light steady and consistent through the turbulence – metaphorical or literal – in our lives; to stay present no matter what is happening around. Freed of attachment to personal identity with all its limitations and its perpetual skating from past to future, we can be present in all our power. We can expand beyond the narrow confines of our 5-sensory band of perception, stretching that band high and deep into the richness of the subtle worlds. This is the journey into 5th-dimensional living. It is the essence of our Christing, the great task and gift and goal of our Age.”

Philippa Merivale

The human race is transforming to the fifth dimensional stage on earth plane but most of humanity have been on 3.-4. dimensional stage.

This is an example of how our ascension path (1.-7.) can be, but note that every individual is very different in duality.

First stage

We start to listen to our heart, this small voice inside, maybe we should do something?  We realize that we have a burden that we need to work with, all these emotional complications, we have a pain to deal with, and we need to forgive. We start to listen to our feelings and longings and assess them instead of just going after our bodily and emotional desire.

Second stage

The Angel of the presence which is our higher self, and the dweller which is our God seed atom start to be more active we follow our internal guide sometimes.  We start think of the greatest good of all, how the world should be and our picture of reality is changing and so do our emotional reality when we start to see the bigger picture and have more control over our emotional feelings. We start thinking of Universal law and Karma as we start to heal the past. We become more aware of religion.

Third stage

We are starting to heal relationships in the past, we begin to see things from a higher vantage point. We forgive and ask for forgiveness, we work with the past and the heavy burden from it, is getting lighter. Than we are more able to love when we have forgiven, our love is deeper and we have more compassion.  We say “we instead of I”, because we have more group consciousness.  We can see learning opportunities in our challenges and feel that they make us stronger. We start to work with our finer mental body, the spiritual mind, we look for soul uplifting experience but use our discernment.  Our emotional body become more refined and more aware of higher frequency.  We can feel the love around us.

Fourth stage

At this stage we start to have doubts about everything as now our higher self is leading the self and we are attuned to higher vibration, our reality break down, all the influence from the community, for instance governments, leaders and religion is broken and we need to make our own reality.  We try to evaluate our own beliefs and habits and step by step look for a new reality we can live with. We use our discernment when we go through all the spirituality.  This is a learning phase.

Fifth stage

We use our internal guide which are our higher self “I am presence” and our sacred mind and heart, our spiritual quest is lead by our higher self. We are not attached to material needs, the desire body anymore. We understand that every individual is special and all need to find their own way.  We become much more tolerant and more sensitive to others needs. Our inner guide is now stronger and we know what we have to do. We use our discernment and know that all the spiritual pathways will ultimately lead to the same destination. We listen to others but use our discernment.

Sixth stage

We are moving closer to spirit at a higher frequency, we love music and the beauty in life. We don´t get caught in negative drama, we are steady at our still point, in our sacred heart and mind, we stay neutral therefore we don´t judge anyone.  We can filter much more light now which is infinity it is just a question how much we can absorb and we give it away in a circular flow to all who need it.

Yoga breathing techniques help much here to increase the flow of The River of Life.

Seventh stage

We live in the moment and enjoy life very much.  We have healed the past and when planning the future we intertwin the mental and spiritual bodies, we work at harmonize our energy and our wisdom of light, our sacred heart and our creative wheel, spin much faster. We have much higher frequency and our soul song express this.  We have much more life light flow from the river of life now and we are lead by the holy spirit.

The River of life light is our life line, to explain this are here few quotes from the book:

“The Book of the Holy Light.” by Michael Levey


The beginning

“The journey of life begins at the center of existence.”

“Life unfolds the journey back to the center of light.”

“Eternity is the awakened light of existence centered in a continous stream of love.”


The wheel of creation

“Love unities light and existence in the creation of form.”

“Existence is the binding reality of form, creating unlimited possibilities of expression.”

“Expression unites love and light in the dance of light.”


The river of light, life

“Life embraces existence in the creation of form.”

“Life is the river of light, forever creating itself as the eternal presence of love.”


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Source: Archangel Michael and St. Germain

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