Master Lord Melchizedek

The Temple of Joy

Lord Master Melchizedek helps us to expand our consciousness, be more aware of our “I Am” be more guided by our higher self, “over soul”. He guides us in our personal life, but he does not interfere with our free will, we have to invite him into our lives for assistant. He wants to help us to have more joy, rest and family life and seek more balance in our lives and most of all, to be more connected to God. You can invite this master manager in “God management” into your life and he will always, as other ascended masters, respect your free will. He will help you to find joy, peace and love in your life.

Thank you for your divine guidance and for all the assistance in our personal lives.


“More of Joy, Family, Rest and Spirituality”

“Go to the Lake and be on your Own.”


Lord Master Melchizedek




Channelled through Bjorg copywrite.