Master Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya is a world teacher and he worked in close relationship with Lord Jeshua as his higher aspect when on earth along with Angel Maria and Pallas Athena. He has for a long time been working with the so called Christ Consciousness on earth, to share words of love and healing energy global, eternal unification with the Creator. In his eyes all inhabitants on earth are one unity and will be in connection with many aspects of the Creator.  He had his enlightenment and divine inspiration on earth in the east and he is also working with the Lord Master Buddha who is planetary Logos on a plantery level.


“Everything in nature starts with thought”

“Peaceful thoughts make you feel better, you be calmer and have beautiful vibration.”

“When you want to manifest something it starts with thought, positive or negative, your choice.”

“Don´t push you too much, take one step at a time. JUST BE, here and now and let it flow.”

“Ask the universe for help, if you need.”


“Vibration is a spiritual state, it is very important for you to raise your vibration, so we can reach you.”

Master Lord Maitreya


Channelled by Bjorg