Master Lord Hilarion

Master Hilarion is cohan of the fifth ray, overlighted by Archangel Raphael and Archangel Mary, she is a divine motherly figure while he is the greatest healer ever exist. Both express the truth and love of the Creator.

The fifth ray is of an orange color, it brings with it virtues of love, scientifical exploration and wisdom.   Science is discovery of the Creators Universe.

Your soul is sent forth to explore the world it is meant to guide your physical embodyment. But many loose connection to their soul while incarnated.

Your soul keeps your wisdom and knowledge from past incarnations and also wisdom from our mother and father Gods. You need to connect to your soul is your higher self.

Master Hilarion guides people to embody their soul.  Helps people to reconnect and be more aware of their soul at their heart chakra.  You need to be your higher self also when awake, you are when sleeping and when you die your higher self transends and needs to look back.

In meditative state call him and he will give you a beautiful orange ball of light, to support you embodying your soul.  To release fear and limitations.



Master Lord Hilarion

Cohan of the Fifth Ray