Master Kuthumi World Teacher

Lord Kuthumi is a world teacher, he manage teaching at the other side, the inner planes.  Everybody can come and learn in his learning halls.  “You just have to ask” You can go there in sleep state and alter state, just follow the golden light to his entrance. He will welcome you ❤ .

The learning halls are spiritual universities that welcome souls from the whole galaxy, who are learning to be enlightened Masters and want to work for the greatest good of all.

He loves the Earth very much. The birds, flowers, the grass and the babies smile.

Each hall has special color and concrete languages of the light.  After the cosmic moment he reestablished the education and set up the 12 halls for the new golden galaxy.  In the first learning center, souls learn about balance, the second about bliss, the third crystal technology, etc.  More about this and more in Diana´s and Tim´s book,

“The Archangels guide to Enlightenment and Mastery” “Living in the Fifth Dimension.”

In these universities heaven and earth meet. “We welcome you.”

Lord Kuthumi