Master Joshua

 “As Archangels we have realised our truth, the expansion of our soul, our unity with the Creator and have devoted our every thought, action and expression to assisting others in becoming closer to the energy and soul of the Creator. It is akin to gaining a high level of mastery over our energy and soul, so intense is our connection with the Creator that we act as a divine expression of the Creator´s loving abundant heart and soul.”

Archangel Christie is a female aspect of Archangel Jophiel


Master Joshua is Cohan of the second ray of blue light. He worked on earth on the last century in psychology and as a spiritual teacher for the ascension of the earth at Mount Sasha (photo above).  On the photo you can see the Creator, it´s energy.


“To realize the Creator on Earth, have to understand what comes from the Creator and what is separation.”

“The Creator is in your heart, so listen to your heart.”

“All you love comes from the Creator”.

“The Earth itself and the nature, “we all love”, comes from the Creator, we must take care of the Earth together.”


Master Lord Joshua