Master El Morya

The first Master we meet is El Morya, he is the Cohan of the blue ray and work in close relationship with Archangel Michael, he works with government and leadership.  El Morya has his own temple in Darjeeling over India where there are many waiting to take part in his lessons about esoteric wisdom. He is also a leader of all the esoteric schools at the other side. He is very beautiful and bright, reminds us of a blue diamond. He shows the Temple of Truth to us where we will meet other masters as well.

In the Temple of Truth the Masters teach you about leadership and to be true.


“Live the life you believe is right and do the right thing.”  

“Be true to yourselves is the most important thing because you need to look into a mirror everyday and accept what you see there.”

“The more you love yourself the more love you can give to others and vice versa and greater happieness.”


 Master El Morya channelled through Bjorg