Master Djwal Khul World Teacher

The Body Temple


Djwal Khul is an ancient tibetian master, he is very much involved in everything happening on earth, “a treasure”, guiding people all over the world. More about him at Dalai Lama Resort.

Here is a link to beautiful lesson at Hearts Center Organisation, channel is David Christofer Lewis.

“Exercise and find the divine point of balance in the center of your being.”

We need to find balance in everything we are doing, therefore it is very important for us to balance, mind, body and spirit. Our mind will fly, but we need to consider our bodily and spititual needs. For example listen to our body, what it is telling us?

We need to connect to higher realms in spirit and receive divine light, into our soul, mind and body, into every cell.  Yoga can help you to  do that.

When we exercise we activate this process, open our hearts to receive divine love and healing energy. Prana energy healing, Yogis can help you to do that.

“The balance is very important for our wellbeing.”



Your body is a temple of the holy spirit. The chakras are spinning wheels of refined energy centers. But note this picture is very much simplicity.



Human being chakra system is evolving into 12 chakras.